1st Next Gen Event

1st Next Gen Event

The 1st Next Gen Event presents:Peer Networking is the answer. What's your question, then?How do we redefine relationships in order to make the best out of it?Relationship + values = happiness: The story of the salesman and the conman.How to write your own success book by creating your own mental pictures for the future you want?Speaker: Sotiris Chatzidakis, Executive Vice President, CEO Clubs International RomaniaValues Driven Recruitment & LeadershipPerformance against purpose - its outcome in an organization’s stability andin the generation of value.Recruiting through values first or MQ, EQ, IQ? What is/should be the priority?Leadership model today. Why is it so different?Speaker: Radu Manolescu, Managing Partner of K.M.Trust & Partners
Event location: Howard Johnson

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