8th Next Gen Event

8th Next Gen Event

The 8th Next Gen Event presents: Strategy: Is it what you have to do? Think again!Speaker: Dimitris Nikolakis, CEO of Druckfarben RomaniaStrategy is a word that covers many elements that dictate its effectiveness. In this presentation you may not hear what you expect, but you might see your business in a new light. Being multidimensional, strategy is applied at different levels within a company; are you in a position to contribute in shaping it?We are making decisions on a daily basis, do they serve the strategic intent of your company? Will they work in the future? Universal advice limits innovation, and sometimes, surprisingly, you need to discover that you might have to destroy your current competitive advantage to ensure that you have one in the future. Is your strategic thinking trained for such radical moves?We will explore different ways of thinking to formulate a winning strategy. Market creating approaches being part of any winning strategy, secure a positive reflection in the P&L.
Event location: Novotel

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