11th Next Gen Event

11th Next Gen Event

The 11th Next Gen Event presents:Leading yourself to Lead othersSpeaker: Jonathan WhiteDiscussion points:> Jon's Story: How I became a leader> Lightning Strikes - Overcoming adversity> Moving forward - Lessons from Leaders> Finding happiness and inspiration - Forgiveness is keyOur speaker for the upcoming event is Jon White, a former Captain in the Royal Marines. He was commissioned aged 19, starting Young Officer Training at the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines in September 2002. On 16 June 2010, Jon was in command of 40 Commando Royal Marines’ Reconnaissance Troop on patrol when he stepped on an IED. The explosion blew off three of his limbs – both legs above the knee and his right arm at the elbow. His initial focus was obviously on his recovery, but after just 27 nights in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital he was discharged and started his rehabilitation at Headley Court. He quickly became a proficient prosthetic user and hung up his wheel chair permanently on 19 June 2011, just one year after coming out of his induced coma. Jon’s focus quickly shifted to his family life, in December 2011 he married, project managed the building of their new “Grand Design” home and was blessed with 2 Children.Unwilling to sit back and live on his pension and charity, Jon is now forging a new career as a leadership consultant, coaching and training across a range of sectors and at different levels from Business CEOs down. He delivers motivational and inspirational speeches at business conferences; these always carry strong themes of the importance of good leadership and teamwork. As part of this new career Jon is writing a book on leadership. Its aim is to demonstrate how our greatest contemporary leaders have succeeded through consistent diligence, determination and good old fashion hard work. His understanding of this is growing with every interview he conducts and he enjoys sharing his discoveries.
Event location: Novotel, Paris Room

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