1st Next Gen Forum

1st Next Gen Forum

ShiftabilityKeynote Speaker: Hendre CoetzeeIn days of old, explorers were regarded as those with enough courage to set sail into territories that have not been mapped in order to discover new treasures and to chart maps for others to follow. It seems obvious that those of us who are living in the current world of work would have great Shiftability. We are the most connected and most informed generation alive. And yet human behavior research shows us that being connected and having access to information does not guarantee that we are able to engage this brave new world. In fact many if not “most” people are stuck. The world is changing, technology is evolving and people… people are resistant to change.How do you activate Shiftability?How do you deal with Ambiguity?How do you handle Complexity?In this session we will explore how Shiftable you are. Hendre Coetzee will explore techniques you can use to activate your Shiftability and unlock yourself from habits that continually sabotage your own development. The key conversations we will cover will be:Raising your StandardsResetting your RelationshipsReleasing your BetrayalsRedefining your HorizonRocking your Momentum

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