10th Forum: Failing Forward

10th Forum: Failing Forward

CEOs' Stories on Failing ForwardWhy failures/mistakes make great leaders and long lasting organizationsOne of the most interesting parts while reading the biographies of very successful leaders is the failures part. The one story that is either too funny or too painful and it always arrives to the same conclusion: making a mistake or failing at some point, proved critical and even determined their future success.In companies we always discuss about tolerance into making mistakes, how important it is for the learning curve and that it has to be part of the culture. Are we there? Do we and our people feel we are allowed to mistakes as long as we learn our lesson? How do we embed the culture of not incriminating failure? What happens when failure is not an option? How different it can be when it becomes personal and involves the family? How do we deal with the key stakeholders around us? How can we make it work for us into today’s unpredictability? How important is agility on the way to the top? Which key stakeholders should be the pillars in our organizations to help us get through? How important is continuous learning?Join us and listen to the personal stories of 4 top leaders who generously share with us their journey in an insightful and sometimes funny way. They are the living examples that when learning from them, mistakes/failures make great careers and fulfilling lives.Speakers:Alexandru Lapusan ​- Chief Executive Officer & Founding Partner, ZitecDorin Pena​ - General Manager, Cisco SystemsSorin Stancu - Country Manager, Marks & SpencerCristian Nacu - Partner, Enterprise Investors

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