4th Next Gen Case Study

4th Next Gen Case Study

Perfect Storm over the Zurich AirportHow to „fly out” of a crisisSpeaker: Ilinca PaunLast week I bought my first meal on my BA flight to London. Vegan, fresh and really healthy. Isn’t that cool? We will take a look at the aviation industry, as a short snapshot into its evolution in the last 25 years. We would then zoom in the airport business of Zurich under the management of Felder, starting 1998.“This was Felder’s first CEO position. He had joined the airport staff in 1998, after a distinguished career at Cross Air, a Swiss regional carrier. His initial goal was to prepare the airport for a privatization, manage the infrastructure expansion project and to grow the airport’s revenues. This was an opportunity he believed that would be challenging and exciting. However, in the years imediately following his arrival, the aviation industry as he knew it, colapsed”. The 9/11 tragedy, the bankrupcy of SwissAir, and the withdrawal of the funding for an expansion project put the CEO of the Zurich Airport in an extremely unfavorable business condition. He had to deal with a company with no culture, devasted by the recent events, with no money and with a huge downfall in traffic due to the main national operator being kept on the land.

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