The 11th Forum: Workforce of the Future

The 11th Forum: Workforce of the Future

MyTokens has encounterd a problem while parsing this token: Helper:StripHtml(Input="Workforce of the Future: Dealing with Business Change & the Millennial ChallengeKeynote Speaker: Marco Morchio, Managing Director, Accenture Strategy, Italy, Central Europe and GreeceKey trends are completely reshaping the world we live from demographic perspectives (eg. millennials, Middle class, Aging), new business paradigms (eg. sharing Economy, on demand economy) and technology disruption (eg. Iot, Bid Data), we are in the "Big Bang Disruption" era, where business models are replaced very quickly.Millennials is one of the key trends to look at: they are getting much more importance due to their increasing relevance in business decision-making (CEO on emerging champion), their relevance in drive future demand and finally they are the “energy” and the key enable to drive the change in established organization.For company want to compete in today environment having a clear agenda about “People” is a key enable to succeed in long term. The new talent “Agenda” needs to:define the new key factors which drive people having impact and success in long terminfuse new skill and capabilities to make people works successfully in a continuous changing environmentenable the right people to do the right things in an adaptable, change-ready, and responsive liquid workforcetrack and measure contribution according to new rules of the game and people expectation.In the presentation, we will cover the above topics providing key example on how Leading Practices across the world are working to deal with current challenges.") .
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