14th Next Gen Workshop

The case for the social enterpriseIn a well-known research, published in one of the most influential books of this millennium, Geoffrey West made an astounding discovery: cities scale sub-liniarly for resources and super-linearly for results. This means that cities become both more efficient and more effective as they become bigger. That’s why people gather in conurbations. Companies, on the other hand, also become more efficient with size (we call this economy of scale), but they become less effective, more rigid, less agile. This used not to be a problem when agility was not critical but it is increasingly one, as the environment becomes more and more volatile.We all knew this about companies, but we always thought that it is an inevitable by-product of scaling up. However, this is not true for cities. Why? How is it possible that cities function so radically differently than professional organisations? And how could we get inspired from them to build the organisations of the future? This presentation will make the case of bringing back social values and norms into the intimate fabric of corporations and why this is something that expands the pie for all constituencies involved. Speaker: Adrian StanciuPartner ERUDIO, Partner Wanted Transformation ConsultancyAssociated Dean, Maastricht School of Management Romania

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