16th Next Gen Workshop


Miquel Llado

Miquel Llado

Professor of Strategic Management
IESE Business School

16th Next Gen Workshop

Glovo: Conquering the Last Mile- A company that is helping to deliver on the expectation of 30 minutes delivery. In line with the e-commerce mindset of “See now. Buy now. How fast can I get it?”- City landscapes are changing. Glovers riding with their yellow back-pack- Founded in January 2015 in Barcelona. Expanding internationally at a very fast pace. One new city every 4 days. Today in 26 countries and more than 200 cities in the worldGlovo is a technological platform born with the vision of changing the way users acquire whatever they want in a city. They connect users with partners (companies providing the product) and glovers (riders) that do the delivery. Autonomous messengers that do the last mile. Their premise is immediacy, that’s why they work to optimize assets to get products in user’s hands in 30 minutes.Speaker: Miquel Llado, Prof. Strategic Management, IESE Business SchoolMember of the Strategy & Economic Commission of FC Barcelona

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