3rd Forum: Romanian Leaders beyond Romanian Boarders

3rd Forum: Romanian Leaders beyond Romanian Boarders

Romanian Leaders beyond Romanian BordersWHAT IS REQUIRED FOR A ROMANIAN LEADER TO SUCCEED BEYOND HIS NATIONAL BORDERThe shadows of Brancusi, Vlaicu and Coanda or Palade, keep us proud to that day. We use Poenaru pen to write down Eminescu’s poems and we play Enescu’s music with the famous violin once produced in Reghin. All these people were innovators during their time and in a way they still are. They managed to exceed the country boarders and thus they remain present in the daily lives of many people. Yet that happened in the past. What about our future?Today, perhaps more than ever, we need models. Solid, inspiring, everlasting. Technology has brought just a click away coaches, mentors, influencers, motivational speakers and distinguished professors and authors from all over the world. The good news is that such people exist also here, in this country, in our cities and they are many. Leaders in their field who managed to exceed themselves and at the same time exceeded the geographical boarders of Romania. People who dared to jump in the cold water armoured with their deep belief that there is nothing that is impossible. People who dared to dream something bigger than they were.Their journeys are different but they all had the same goal: to shine as much as possible and to prove that it is only how much you want something that determines if you’ll get it or not. The challenges, the difficulties and the failures are just making victory taste a little sweeter. And one more thing: apparently they were all deaf. But intentionally. They decided to close their ears to naysayers and “devil’s advocates” who predetermined their failure and tried to save them from humiliation. Thank god they didn’t listen…Join us and listen to the stories of 3 visionaries who are the exceptional people who live next door and who made the impossible possible. You could be the next…

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