Executive Club Circle - Company Culture: Do we Create it or does it Create us?

Dear Members,

We are inviting you to the first Circle of 2022. It will be a meeting about company strategy and company culture and our speaker, Dimitris Nikolakis, will invite us to discuss the following ideas:

o The borrowing rate on culture debt is crushingly high
o Compromising on Culture Fit, means that the Company Future is Built on Borrowed Time
o When is “The Fit” working For or Against you in view of the Current Reprioritization of work Habits/Trends?
o Can you Change the Culture or Build on Culture?
o The Difference between Culture & Mind-Set
o Thoughts on How Culture Affects Engagement - the impact of the Z-Generation

In accordance with the most recent COVID health regulations, the entrance to our meeting will require a negative test or your Green Certificate - which can contain either the proof of vaccination or that you gained natural immunity.

And because your safety is our main concern, we will have a team of doctors that will do rapid tests for all attendants upon arrival.

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