Top Talk with Steven van Groningen


Steven van Groningen

Steven van Groningen

Former President & CEO, Raiffeisen Bank Romania
Raiffeisen Bank Romania

Top Talk with Steven van Groningen
Top Talk

Hello everyone!

Do you want to play a game? It's been a while since we've had a live Top Talk and because it's the first one in such a long time Executive Club invites CEO Clubs and Owners Club to join this gamified talk.

Our guest, Steven Van Groningen - Former President & CEO of Raiffeisen Bank, was the longest-serving President of a bank and one of the most admired CEOs in Romania, and is also a prominent public figure and a strong voice within the business environment.

There will be a set of questions that will cover both - personal and professional perspectives - chosen directly from the audience.

This being said, let the game begin & book your spot!

Please confirm your presence no later than Tuesday evening, September 27th, BY ATTENDING THIS MEETING.

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