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About Teilor


Authentic jewelry is forever. And the designers using love as inspiration source always find powerful reasons to create unique jewelry collections.

Teilor was founded in 1998 by an experienced and passionate team of jewelers who dreamt of creating a one-of-a-kind line of jewelry with an original design, elegant but not always classical.


The name of the brand embodies the company’s philosophy in its entirety: the authenticity of a Romanian brand, the synthesis of the opposites, the marriage of sense and sensibility. On one hand, passion, art and creativity bring out authentic emotions, on the other hand the precise algorithm by which the gold is melted, processed and smoothed to transpose the designer’s imagination into reality.

Teilor’s first shop was opened on the street that gave its name.

The street where the Teilor story began, paved with linden flowers and diamonds, is a special place for all who come to know and love Teilor jewelry. Its headquarter is nowadays the most visited of all Teilor stores.

Teilor style is easily recognizable, innovation being the principle that is guiding the whole creation process. Gold, by its malleable nature is the messenger of intense emotions and the pieces of jewelry exhibited in the shop windows will carry with them the romance and the magnetism of the most precious feelings.

The engagement ring collections are completed with the wedding bands made of 14K or 18K gold, platinum or titanium. The wedding bands can be personalized at the client’s request, be it the colour of the gold or the decorative stones, diamonds or crystals.


Craftsmanship is one of the first particularity you will notice when viewing the Teilor jewelry. It is utterly impossible to reproduce the details of the jewels using a machine. The surgical precision in the hand movement, the intensity of the mallet blows, the delicate force with which the claws are enclosed around a precious stone, the angle of the gem cut – all these meticulous procedures are conveyed in the mastery of the hand pulling and twisting the gold wires or setting stone after stone in every piece of jewelry.


Today, the Teilor stores network comprises more than thirty shops spread throughout the country, completed with the online store at www.teilor.ro .

Benefits offered to Members

Teilor – Members Benefits

Teilor is your expert is diamonds and precious stones. Every gem in our collections has a special history, a culture, and particularities that we will share with you, helping you chose the precious stone that suits you best.

The Members will be the first to find out about our newest collections and pieces. Personalized newsletters with exclusive jewelry that you will fall in love with.

Private consultancy
Your private consultant in each of our stores will help you find the most beautiful piece of jewelry for you and your loved ones, to make the experience a most pleasant and easy one.

Teilor ClubCard
As a Member of the Club, you will receive a Teilor Club Card and benefit from our exclusive offers and promotions with a 15% discount for the Diamond jewelry and an 8% discount for the pieces of jewelry without precious stones.

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